Israeli Shlichim

Hachnasat Orchim (welcoming the stranger) is a core Jewish value. In the spirit of Hachnasat Orchim, Camp JCC is excited to welcome two shlichot, Israeli counselors, to work as specialists each summer. Throughout the summer, these counselors teach our campers the history and culture of Israel through stories, games, songs, dance, music and crafts. Camp JCC is looking for families to host one of these counselors for 3 week intervals between June 7 - August 11. 
Click here if you are interested in fulfilling the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim by becoming a host family.


Tarboot (Israeli culture) specialist
Marianna Abajyan

 Marianna lives with her parents in Herzliya. She made aliyah with her family from Armenia when she was six years old. Marianna just finished her IDF service where she served as a medic for two years. Marianna loves watching Harry Potter, reading books and playing with her cats. Marianna is looking forward to bringing her love for Israel to our campers.   


Rikud (Israeli dance) specialist
Amit Stessel.

Amit lives in Even-Yehuda with her parents, two younger siblings and a little dog.  Amit just finished her IDF service as a Commander in an IT Security Unit.  Amit loves to traveling, hanging out with friends and of course dancing. In her spare time she listens to music, and loves to watch comedies and dramas on TV.  Amit is looking forward to teaching campers new things about Israel.